Kasoa: Dirty Market



A good number of Africans expressed outrage when the US president Donald Trump called out our continent. It would also be a good thing if we express the same outrage when we see some of the truly awful things we see around us.

This video was shot at the Kasoa market. Kasoa is a city in the Central Region of Ghana.

It depresses to see our people continue to eke out a living in such appalling unhygienic conditions. It shocks greatly to see the unsanitary environment in which we buy the foods we consume.

It is quite sad that our officials continue to fail to do the correct things. We continue to feign ignorance when cholera and typhoid continue to plague us, yet the reasons abound all around us.

Let us hope that the officials who get paid will wake up and try to do something about the unsanitary condition of this market.



YouTube: https://youtu.be/vgkq7Ost1yg

AlayeWebTV: http://alaye.biz/videos/kasoa-dirty-market/

AkogunTV: http://akogun.tv/videos/kasoa-dirty-market/

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