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Stop denigrating the Pharaohs

The Chinese CGTN has become my favorite TV station of late. I greatly admire the way the Chinese go about modernizing their country while doing their best to preserve their culture and traditions. Chinese politicians, scientists, academics do not spare any occasion to remind the world of their 5,000 years old history. The Japanese did… Read more »

Why the Black Stars Lost!

From my Archives   Being unable to afford a television set, I have to wobble to my favorite akpeteshie bar every time there’s an interesting thing to watch. It was an old Tatung television and one needs a binocular to construct a good image of the pictures shown on the about 10″ set. But it… Read more »

We and Them

From my archives (a polemical satire by Femi Akomolafe)   “We don’t know how we and them are going to work this out. But someone would have to pay for the innocent blood that they shed every day.” – Bob Marley. History recorded Marie Antoinette, wife of France King Louis XIV, as admonishing the poor… Read more »

The Logic of Tyrants

From my archive   On November 10, 1995, the Nigerian military junta murdered one of the country’s finest cultural icon, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other members of his movement, MOSOP, set up to protest the environmental degradation of Ogoniland – the River Niger delta area where Nigeria derives the bulk of her petroleum wealth. Commonwealth… Read more »