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Russia’s use of Hypersonic Weapons

#Ukrainecrisis International Community: Russia has used Hypersonic weapon on defenseless Ukraine. Alaye: Ha! Given the amount of weapons that the West poured and keep on pouring into the country, Ukraine can hardly be called defenseless. By the way, is there a treaty that ban the use of hypersonic weapons? The trouble with you westerners is… Read more »

#Ukrainecrisis – Point Counter-point

#Ukrainecrisis Point! “US makes NATO threat after Russia strikes base near Polish border Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor to US President Joe Biden, has warned Russia that NATO would go “full force” if any strike is recorded on NATO territory – intentional or not – after Moscow attacked a Ukrainian military base near the… Read more »


On March 17, 2011 the UNSC meet and passed Resolution 1973 which authorized the establishment of a No-Fly zone over Libya. NATO countries abused this resolution to launch military aggression against Ghaddafi. Not only was a sitting African Head of State executed like a dog by NATO-armed goons, the county was bombed into the Stone… Read more »

Commentary of the Ukrainian Crisis

#Ukrainecrisis International Community: The sanctions will cripple the Russian economy. Alaye: I think that you got your maths all wrong. There’s simply no power on earth that can cripple Russia. It’s only those who didn’t know much history who will fail to understand that Russians were built to overcome obstacles. They have confronted and overcame… Read more »